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Design & Build

Taggart Homes has been designing and building quality houses since 1989 and is based in Derry, Northern Ireland and Birmingham, England.

We have extensive expertise across the entire residential development process including:

  • Site procurement
  • Planning and development design
  • House design
  • Construction
  • Sales

Examples of our past projects can be viewed here

We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver on schedule, the quality of our workmanship, providing value for money and our attention to detail.

We understand residential property development and the need for developers and other housing providers to partner with experienced and honourable professional and contractors.

We believe in open and fully transparent engagement in all our dealings and promote the benefits of collective responsibility in all our projects. Geographically we are capable of undertaking projects across the UK and Ireland.


If you are planning a housing development of greater than 20 units and are looking for a team of experienced designers or a high quality construction partner please contact us for a discussion or quotation.


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