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Celebrating Destination Derry - A Great Place to Live, Work and Visit.

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Celebrating Destination Derry - A Great Place to Live, Work and Visit.

22 Sep, 2020

Never before in our lifetime have we had a greater appreciation of the life we live. The family we love. The day to day interactions we make.

After the arrival of COVID we embrace each experience with a renewed vigour - a walk in St. Columbs park, a bite to eat in the local eatery, the view from the Foyle bridge. Taking in all that we took for granted for such a long time.

Destination Derry, a campaign powered by Taggart Homes in collaboration with local business, community, and government bodies was borne out of this renewed appreciation for time and the value we all place on where we live and work.

Organisations  such as Londonderry Chamber of Commerce, City Centre Initiative, Foyleside Shopping Centre, City of Derry Airport and Seagate Technology are some of the many prestigious bodies collaborating on the project with the Destination Derry team. The team are keen to make sure that the initiative aligns with the wider city and county ambitions through communications with Derry City & Strabane Council and various other government departments.

Derry city and county offers a great work/life balance, in many cases a short drive to work or maybe close enough to walk or cycle. That's more time for family, friends and recreation. More time to live.

destinationderry.com is a portal to the knowledge of all the agencies, bodies and communities who want to welcome others to live, work and visit our beautiful city and county.

Telling the story from all sectors.

The project is an addition to the many great initiatives and projects currently running in the area and in the province, Destination Derry involves everyone working together to promote Derry's strengths to the outside world - a collective voice to layer with all the other messages that are already out there. Destination Derry delivers practical supports and information required by those who plan to return or relocate in the area and to those who already call Derry their home.

Michael Taggart, from Taggart Homes, who are powering the project says:

"Taggart Homes is delighted to power this initiative and work with everyone in the community to promote some of the fantastic qualities of Derry, which have attracted companies and visitors from all over the world, showcasing resilience and community spirit as one of its greatest assets."

Michael invites all business and community to include their voice in the initiative and visit destinationderry.com.

"With remote working a key factor in our future, we believe the time is right for people to Live, Learn, Work and Invest in our region. An area that is constantly evolving, where people will find a warm welcome, an easy affordable lifestyle, steeped in culture and beauty."

The launch of the new Destination Derry initiative is planned for later this month. If you are a business interested in being part of this exciting project, a local who loves where you live, or someone looking for information on relocating here to the region, the Destination Derry team wants to hear from you.

Visit destinationderry.com now to fill out an expression of interest or call Taggart Homes on +44 28 7127 7900 for further information.