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Martina Whoriskey

Martina Whoriskey

Age 45
Position Finance Manager

Summary of Role

Martina commenced working within the Construction Industry in 1997, joining Taggart Homes as an office administration assistant.  She moved through the ranks very quickly, learning all the practical aspects of the role from the ground up. She is considered to be a key member of team.

Her responsibilities, working alongside the directors and senior management include:

  • Day to day control of the financial systems and controls
  • Financial reporting, both internally and externally and liaison with the auditors
  • Tailoring the systems to meet the group’s expansion plans
  • Ensuring compliance with reporting obligations
  • Tax / PAYE / RCT compliance

With over 22 years hands-on experience, Martina has a comprehensive and in depth knowledge of the construction industry and every element involved in the administration, accounting and financial reporting that is essential in a top tier company.